Mausritter is primarily a game about exploration and problem solving. There should be no challenges for which combat is required. Look for opportunities for puzzles and obstacles that highlight the small size of a mouse.


Mausritter uses a treasure-for-XP system of advancement. The standard currency of the mouse kingdoms is pips.

For every pip-worth of treasure brought to safety (divided equally amongst the party), a player mouse earns 1 XP.

An adventure site should contain at least enough treasure for a group of three players to advance from level 1 to level 2 (so at least 3000 pips worth).

However, that treasure does not necessarily need to be easily accessible to the player mice. Use the Treasure tables in the rulebook for inspiration if needed.

Some of the treasure should be:

  1. Obvious, easy to take (like a silver mirror left on a table by a fleeing mouse)
  2. Obvious, but dangerous to take (like several wheels of fine cheese protected by the settlement’s guard snake)
  3. Hidden (like silver toothpick wedged behind a throne)
  4. Annoying (like a large 4 slot statue made of gold at the bottom of a pond)
  5. Rewards given by other mice (use the tables in the back of the book for a guide)
  6. Practical (like a random spell or a useful item)


Create stat blocks should follow this format:

XXhp, STR XX, DEX XX, WIL XX, Armour X
Attacks: dX thematic attack**
Special abilities
**Wants:** Thematic and gameable desire goal or instinct.

Use the Creatures section in the rulebook as a rough guide for stats and abilities.